Regional Chapter

FPSI has chapters in various cities in India, viz., Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune and is actively considering opening many more chapters to reach the fluid power fraternity.

New FPSI Chapters are created to facilitate discussion of mutual interest in local problems, projects and accomplishments, involving fluid power professionals. Generally, Chapters provide a platform for interaction among professionals within restricted areas, such as individual states, provinces, nearby states or areas united by common interest. As sub-units of FPSI, Chapter boundaries do not cross parent Society guidelines. Chapters serve as line of communication from the local level to the national level can can increase the reach and thus, the strenght of the Society.

Student Chapter

As part of Industry-Academia Initiative, Student chapters have been opened in various leading colleges; to enable student do apprenticeship programmes in fluid power companies, facilitate industrial visits to FPSI member companies, award engineering projects to the students and to develop their leadership qualities. Focused Sessions are also allotted in Technical Seminars for student presentations.