To be a dynamic Professional Society striving continuously for excellence in Education, Research and Technological service by facilitating an effective connection between professionals in the field of Fluid Power.


  • To serve as a forum where all fluid power channel partners work together to advance fluid power technology, strengthen the fluid power industry, and foster members’ success;
  • To create and sustain a Fluid Power community in which students acquire knowledge and skills to apply it professionally with due consideration for ethical, ecological, and economic issues;
  • To support research and disseminate research findings in the field of Fluid Power;
  • To provide knowledge-based technological services to satisfy the needs of the Fluid Power Industry;
  • To help in building national capabilities by providing a link between diverse segments of the Fluid Power Industry;

Quality Policy

To pursue global standards of excellence in all our endeavours and to remain accountable in our core and support functions, through processes of self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

Core Values

In pursuit of its mission FPSI will

  • Attract best and brightest young engineers to fluid power through awareness programs;
  • Develop skilled Fluid Power human resources to serve the nation;
  • Recognize Industry – Academia link as a unifying activity;
  • Nurture integrity, creativity and entrepreneurship;
  • Strengthen the engagement of student community in the activities of the Society;
  • Encourage Industry consortium and network of Universities to support precompetitive research in Fluid Power
  • Create a platform for driving and accessing the progress made in Fluid Power technology.
  • Function as a centre of technical information for members;
  • Publish technical Journals and Monographs on topics of specialization;
  • Organize and conduct Continuing Education Programs, Seminars and Exhibitions;
  • Create an effective connection between professionals in the field through Membership;
  • Widen the operating base of FPSI through creation of Chapters;
  • Build and connect members to an educated Fluid Power workforce;
  • Promote Fluid Power technology and foster an innovative environment for the Fluid Power industry; and
  • Serving as a forum where all Fluid Power channel partners work together.