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We are in the midst of festivals all along from end September to end December, for all religions to celebrate. It is apt to plan for a festival of sorts for our professional society also. Of course it is a birth day, but this time we are well ahead in planning the completion of 50 golden years of its existence, as the Golden Jubilee celebrations, for all regions to celebrate. Just as in a human experience, this golden jubilee is a milestone in the life of our society.

The Fluid Power Society of India was established in the year 1973 as a non -profit professional body committed to promoting fluid power knowledge and technology in the country. The fluid power industry also evolved comprehensively over the last five decades and has generated intensive research, efficient production systems and the best of all , a variety of integrated applications, interlinking many allied technologies.

The fluid power is applied in various sectors, like agri, infra, aero and the like. With its inherent versatility, newer applications are being developed. Automation and iIoT are some of the all invasive applications. Interaction with mechanical, electrical, electronic engineering aspects makes it more widely adaptive. With the innovations being the driving force for this decade, many more applications involving fluid power are expected, be it in the domain of healthcare or energy utilities.

Since the fluid power applications are many, the golden jubilee celebrations have to encompass many areas. Hence the golden jubilee celebrations will start in 2022 and end in 2024, peaking in 2023, which is the golden jubilee year.

Await the announcement of the details of these Golden Jubilee Celebrations!!!

Let the fluid flow!!

News & Events

The newest chapter of FPSI – Coimbatore Chapter was formally inaugurated on 18 December 2020. The chapter covers Coimbatore and neighboring regions of Tamil Nadu, as well as the state of Kerala.

The chapter started its activity calendar with a comprehensive survey from industry, institutions, and professionals about their expectations from the chapter.

On 22 April 2021, the chapter organized a webinar “Fluid Power – An Ocean of Opportunities” in the form of a teaser session conducted by Mr. Krishna Kulkarni, a renowned fluid power professional from Pune.

The chapter was privileged to host the inaugural leg of the virtual FPTS on 17 June 2021. Mr. Ravichandran from Roots Multiclean; as well as Dr. Saravanan and Dr. Pasupathy from KCT presented their respective papers during the seminar.

News & Events

The chapter conducted the first ever virtual “Mega Fluid Power Championship Quiz” on 4 September 2021 with eleven participating engineering colleges in the region. PSG iTech and KCT were the winners and runners-up respectively. The trophies were awarded to the winners in person on 21 October 2021.