FPSI has made remarkable progress over the last 40 years. The main vision of FPSI is “To be a dynamic Professional Society striving continuously for excellence in Education, Research and Technological service by facilitating an effective connection between professionals in the field of Fluid Power”. Today, its services are available to a massive network of 1500 members including Industrial / Institutional members spread across the Indian sub-continent. Besides the Registered office in Bangalore, FPSI has chapters in various cities in India, viz, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vizag, Mumbai and Pune.

The core values of FPSI is to attract best and brightest young engineers to fluid power through awareness programs, Develop skilled Fluid Power human resources to serve the nation and Recognize Industry – Academia link as a unifying activity.

FPSI conducts technical talk, seminars and conferences with aim to promote fluid power technologies and foster innovation. The seminars and conferences ,afford ample networking opportunities and enable members to connect each other

Fluid Power Quarterly Magazine

We also publish a quarterly magazine “Fluid Power” which reaches a large audience across India, including our Industrial/Individual Members. Our Members contribute articles and case studies for this publication. Further, this Journal provides an opportunity to advertise the products and services of Member companies, at a very nominal charge, to cover the cost of printing.

Meet The Manufacturer

an event that facilitates introduction of a new product, process and service to Materials people, Product Designers, Application specialists, etc. This is a very good opportunity for a company to showcase its product/service to potential buyers.

CEO Conclave

an informal gathering of CEO’s / MD’s / Senior-level management personnel from the fluid power industry. This meeting brings together the Captains of the fluid power community under one roof and facilitates networking, free interaction and exchange of ideas/opinions. As part of the proceedings, industry experts give insights on the latest technological trends in fluid power worldwide.

Fluid Power Technical Seminars

An annual National Seminar is conducted on the latest innovative development in Fluid Power Technology and its applications. Widely attended by Sr. Executives, Design Engineers, R&D Heads, Plant Managers, Professors and Students. In the recent past, the FPTS 2016 conentrated on Fluid Power in Defence and Aerospace as focussed sessions. The FPTS 2017 concentrated on IIoT applications in Fluid Power. The FPTS 2018 concentrates on Power Packs, Simulation Software and its applications as also the use of Hydraulics and Pneumatics in Disruptive Technologies.

Fluid Power Professionals’ Day

Since 2014, every year the birthday of Blaise Pascal (19th June) is celebrated as Fluid Power Professionals Day. Onthis occasion, eminent personalities who have contributed to Fluid Power in India are felicitated, by giving Pascal Award. Also the bet project of a college student is given Pascal Student Award.

Student Chapters

As part of Industry-Academia initiative, Student Chapters have been opened in various leading colleges, to enable student do apprenticeship programmes in Fluid Power Companies, facilitate Industrial Visit to FPSI member companies, award engineering projects to the students and last but not least, to develop their leadership qualities. Focused sessions are also allotted in Technical Seminars for Student Presentations.

FPSI Training & Certification Programs

In the Golden Jubilee Year, Fluid Power Society of India proudly announces the starting of Training and Certification courses in the area of Hydraulics and Pneumatics for improving the knowledge, imparting skills and conferring certification after due assessment process. Mr. Shrikant S Bairagi, Managing Director of Argo-Hytos, India, who is the Chairman of Training and Certification Committee of FPSI reports on the same.

Overall Concept: Fulfilling Mission of FPSI
Staying true to its vision – to be a Dynamic Professional Society striving continuously for excellence in Education, Research and Technological service by facilitating an effective connection between professionals in the field of Fluid Power – FPSI has designed and developed Certification Programs in Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

Levels of Training
The Certification Programs are designed separately for Hydraulics (HM) & Pneumatics (PM). Each HM & PM has three modules to provide skills required at various levels of responsibilities – from Basic level to Expert level. The first level HM1 and PM1 courses are designed for those who are working on or operating the Fluid Power systems. The second level HM2 and PM2 courses are designed for those who are commissioning or maintaining the Fluid Power systems. The third level HM3 and PM3 courses are created for those who are required to design the Fluid Power systems.

Targeted Areas
The Certification Programs will cover a diverse array of topics, ranging from the core principles of Hydraulics and Pneumatics to the components, applications, troubleshooting, and even the latest advancements in Fluid Power domain. Programs will also include multiple related streams like Mechatronics, Sensors, IIOT, etc.

The participants will undergo theory and practical tests to receive Certified Fluid Power Professional Certificate. Those who do not wish to appear for the test will receive the course Attendance Certificate.

The first three courses were conducted in Coimbatore and Pune, with the active support of the chapters as well as Fluid Power professionals from various industries volunteering as Trainers. Detailed reports are available under the activities of Coimbatore Chapter and Pune Chapters.