Updates on Events & Products from the World of Fluid Power

This is an important year for PREAC as we are celebrating the 50th year of our establishment. Our first manufacturing unit was established in Bengaluru in 1972. Our Founder Chairman Mr. G L. Sodha still remembers the challenges he had to face while starting PREAC. However, he held on to his mantra of focussing on high quality in-house manufacturing that served as an ‘Import Substitution’ to Indian buyers, during times when import duties were prohibitively high.

Not surprisingly, PREAC won its first National award for design and manufacture of Best New Product – PREAC Air Control Unit, in 1975 during the very early phase. Since then, we have come a long way to evolve into a world class manufacturing facility with high-precision CNC machining centers / turning centers and CNC Welding machines. As expected, PREAC has caught the attention of foreign clients in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East there by expanding the client base as well as product range.

We design and manufacture Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Hydro – pneumatic Cylinders and Fixture Clamping devices which have been acknowledged by our customers as one of the best in class.

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An oil’s condition changes over time and can cause damage to a machine. Traditionally, oil samples are taken on a regular basis but we have a different solution for you: our LubCos H2O+ II sensor detects changes in the oil, thereby signaling the operator to take appropriate action before the damage is done. Our condition sensor in combination with laboratory analysis is your weapon against machine failures.

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Measures for increasing energy efficiency are also measures that can increase #productivity. When viewed in this way, they become “must-haves” as opposed to merely “nice-to-haves”.

Companies can achieve the greatest gains by paying attention to energy efficient and correctly sized components right from the engineering stage. Even in existing systems, there are many ways in which energy can be saved, many of which frequently involve relatively simple changes that are easy to make. These tips can help you increase #energyefficiency in both #pneumatic and #electric automation solutions.

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Walvoil has launched the new PL cartridge valve series, with priority on demand and pressure compensator with static or dynamic load sense.

An external orifice defines the flow to the valve and it provides the prioritary flow on demand, regardless of pressure, while the exceeding flow can be used for auxiliary functions.

The PL valve series is available in SAE 10, 12 & 16 size and different pressure ranges; it can
be used to supply steering control units and have the required flow for additional auxiliary functions.

These cartridge valves integrate and enrich Walvoil’s range of flow control pressure compensated valves.

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