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Fluid Power Challenge

FPC CONCEPT FLUID POWER CHALLENGE 2022 MSY 1st Prize - DYPIE Upper Body Exoskeleton MSY 2nd Joint Prize NMAMIT Manual Vacuum Thermoforming Machine MSY 2nd Joint Prize PSGITECH Pneumatic Can Crusher

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Fluid Power Professionals’ Day

June 19th is observed as “Fluid Power Professionals' Day” - a day of recognition for all who work in the fluid power industry!!It has been said that fluid power is a “hidden giant” because it is so common in every aspect of our day-to-day existence that we have simply overlooked the obvious. There is

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Meet the Manufacturer

An opportunity for companies to present their product and services to a gathering drawn from the end-user industries. The target audience is shortlisted with client and can be composed of both suggested list of company executives, as also drawn from our database. Since FPSI is based out of Bangalore, we prefer to conduct it

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CEO Conclave

An Informal gathering of CEO's / MD's / Sr. Level Management Personnel from the Fluid Power Industry. This meeting brings together the Captains of the Fluid Power Community under one-roof and facilitates networking, free interaction and exchange of ideas / opinions. As part of the proceedings, industry experts give insights on the latest technological

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Motion Drive Automation

MDA India News Fluid Power Society of India ® is a joint organizer for Motion Drive Automation India, Where FPSI has tied-up with Hannover Milano Trade Fair India, one of India's leading tradefair organization. FPSI has been supporting MDA India since 2007..

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Fluid Power Technical Seminar

Fluid Power Technical Seminar is a widely attended event, the technical seminar provides a platform for sharing of knowledge among the Fluid Power Fraternity. Themes include topic like "Trends in Research and Innovation Developments in the Field of Fluid Power" and "Future Readywith IIoT - applications in Fluid Power", including Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Mechatronic and

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